Moscow women vs Kiev women: top myths and truths

Moscow women’s chic and glam

Kiev girls’ hospitality

Moscow brides’ open-mindedness

Attachment to parents

Willingness to relocate

Slavic women are known as the most beautiful ones in the world. Russian and Ukrainian girls are the leaders among them, when it comes to international dating and marriages. Do they differ much?

Experienced travelers have gathered their opinion on that, to save other singles’ time and simplify their choice. Read and decide, which destination will you choose for your trip, Russia or Ukraine?

Moscow women’s chic and glam

There is a stereotype all Moscow girls look equally fashionable and brilliant like top models you are seeing on a cover of the magazine. But they surely have their casual daily life and all the routine.

As a huge hectic city with terrible traffic jams and very long distances, Moscow teaches women to wear sportive shoes, comfortable jeans and blouses, minimum of makeup, with their hair up.

Ukrainian girls, meanwhile, remain fairly feminine even in the urbanistic environment. It’s easy to recognize a Kiev woman in a Moscow public place, since she will always wear high heels and a skirt.

There are so many models both in Russia and Ukraine, but Russian ones are practical and allow themselves look casual out of work. Ukrainian ladies are always ladies, they don’t need to rest from free women app

Kiev girls’ hospitality

On another hand, there is also a stereotype about Kiev women’s hospitality, their great cooking talents, and welcoming attitude. But let’s not forget Kyiv is also a capital, a big city full of business life.

So, modern women who live there won’t host you like hospitable farmers. They could invite you to the restaurant or a cafeteria at their cost like true cougar singles, that’s much more credible.

While in Moscow, girls are taught to cook for men even if busy or tired, especially if it’s for impressing their admirers. You can be sure to have a plate of borsch, shashlik, and varenyky.

Although Ukrainian cuisine is reportedly tastier and offers a bigger variety, women care about their figures too much especially if they’re successful. So they often happen to feed their man with a salad.

It’s not the case in Odessa though where Jewish cuisine, Bulgarian and Greek cuisine are so typical. Girls and women of all ages love cooking and use every opportunity to do that for a man.Moscow women vs Kiev women

Moscow brides’ open-mindedness

Women in Moscow are very open-minded about intimate experiments, although less straight-forward and direct than western girls. They have nearly no taboos and show different sides in sex.

But Ukrainian girls are no less open thanks to their natural passionate nature and character. They are the most committed to satisfy their partner in all possible ways, which westerners also admit.

So it can be said both nationalities are interesting and promising in a way, when it comes to hookups and intimacy in marriage. Never Slavic girls avoid physical closeness or trying new things.

Attachment to parents

There is a wrong negative stereotype about Eastern European women being mommy girls or daddy girls. But their natural traditional attachment to parents have great sides as well!

It’s true that Moscow women and Kiev ladies tend to live with their parents or rent nearby, call and Skype their mothers often even after the relocation abroad. Just make sure it isn’t a dependence.

Otherwise, it’s a healthy kind of care about their close people and they’ll treat you in the very same way. Your favorite meals, respecting your daily habits, being good listeners, all is included.

Of course it feels a bit exotic to see them loving their families that much after American style and European way that make family members connect mostly on holidays or on one weekend a women kiev

But it’s a part of big Slavic soul and their cherished traditions. On another hand, it’s wrong to think that typical Russian or Ukrainian brides are daddy girls. It’s a very rare thing to see.

Firstly, girls who live in a capital are much more independent than provincial ones, so their fathers provide them with a necessary freedom. Secondly, only southern Caucasian ethnicities are overprotective.

If you met a hot Armenian girl in Moscow, or a sexy Georgian girl in Kiev, there is a small possibility their fathers are too protective. For the rest of young women, it’s not the case at all.

Even if they have this side in their character, you can easily profit from it by playing a daddy with your sweet little girl. It usually means your girlfriend is a bit submissive and enjoy obeying ukraine women free

Willingness to relocate

Some men are afraid that Moscow girls or Kiev women only want a western citizenship, a house, and free pocket money. The practice shows though, that they are ready to work hard long hours if needed.

They are decent life partners who realize the responsibility and always do their best. It’s natural for them to crave better things and a better environment for their future children, if you decide to have them.

Modern Moscow ladies and Kiev brides have a much stronger commitment to relocate than women had a decade or two ago. They’ve got cosmopolitan thinking and show their readiness to cooperate.

Their serious attitude may even make casual hook ups less possible, but if that’s what you want, put some efforts and pickup hot Moscow chicks like a pro. They indeed missed true men’s attention!

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