How to Get Acquainted with a Partner in Kiev to Create a Family?

Every person dreams about happy family and strives to find true love. But very often men, as well as women have no enough time to start their searches. If you want to improve this situation, then you need to become a member of our marriage agency in Kiev. We assure you, that in couple of months you’ll find your happiness.

To get acquainted with a man for a serious relationship and a family, you need to solve only two tasks:

  1. Ensure the presence of interesting men in your environment;
  2. Make the right choice.

But what to do, if you always face the following problems:

  • You have fans, but they do not fit to create a family.
  • Serious relationship for some reason does not develop.
  • You don’t know where you can meet interesting men.
  • Personal relationships are difficult and kiev girls

In this case we will help you:

  • Expand your circle of communication so that you have the opportunity to choose!
  • Assist in choosing (based on the Myers-Briggs personality typology).

Very soon you’ll get positive results, as we really do our best. If you join our Kiev marriage agency, you’ll have the following bargaining chips:

  • Up to five real acquaintances for the evening (with people who are really interesting to you);
  • Dating in “natural conditions” (sports, tourist, business and cultural-secular events);
  • Targeted candidates (on cultural, intellectual and social level);
  • Psychological support (assessment of compatibility in the typology of Myers-Briggs, etc.);
  • Confidentiality;
  • Scientific approach.

Also with our assistance you will learn:

  • Where and how we find promising people for serious relationships.
  • How to help build relationships with the potential candidates.
  • Statistics and examples from practice.
  • Also you can get a transcript of any psychological tests performed on this site.modern Kiev marriage agency

How does the modern Kiev marriage agency work?

The main steps of our team are:

  1. We analyze your request.
  2. Identify your personality type.
  3. You attend events with a coach.
  4. We organize meetings with candidates on Internet resources.
  5. We help you develop your contacts.
  6. We help you make the right choice.
  7. We direct relations in the right direction.

Main service packages

Any service package includes the identification of your personality type and placement in the agency’s database. Data Bank is a one-year contract with a passive search option.

The Light Events program is a contract for 50 days; Coaching support at business events in Kiev in order to develop skills to get acquainted with men;

Light Internet program – a contract for 50 days; Coaching support in the search for potential candidates in social networks and on dating sites using the unique technology of rapid profiling;

The Classic program is a contract for 100 days; Support of a psychologist-coach at business and cultural-secular events; Organization of meetings with top managers of Ukrainian and foreign companies; Search for targeted candidates through social networks and specialized dating sites;

Business program – a contract for 150 days; Support of a psychologist-coach at business and cultural-secular events; Organization of meetings with business owners, top managers of Ukrainian/ foreign companies; Search for targeted candidates through the agency network, social networks and specialized dating sites; Professional mediation in acquaintances;marriage agency in Kiev

The Premium program is an individual extended program that provides access to all currently possible non-standard confidential search methods; Project management by the Director of the Kiev marriage agency; The opportunity to get acquainted with famous people (media personalities) – big businessmen, actors, directors, politicians, scientists; In-depth psychological assistance in establishing personal relationships.

What do we do for you?

  • We will meet you personally. The consultant will meet you face-to face to find out more about you, your preferences and the type of personality, and will choose some candidates one of which will be a great pair for you.
  • We will do all the preparatory work for you and your couple in order to make the meeting comfortable.
  • Confidentiality is the main thing! We never reveal the names or phone numbers ourselves. It totally depends on you, if you want to give contact information to your chosen one.
  • After each date, we will discuss it in detail. Feedback is needed to select future meetings and fine-tune the process of dating.
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