How to use hookup sites effectively to get laid

Finding a good platform for hookups isn’t enough, we should also know how to use it with the utmost success. See how to make the others choose you and go out with you.


Promoting yourself correctly is important even on anonymous hookup sites. It can be done with naughty photos, sexy compliments and hints, but one should be very active for sure.

Unique communication

Everyone on casual sex sites is asking very typical questions, when shall we meet for sex? And similar ones. Compose some unique questions and first sentences to impress a person.

Features usage

  • Be joyful when you approach a hot personal. No one is excited by melancholic or boring people, instead, singles expect some jokes and happy flirting.
  • Insist politely on further steps for you two. If a person refuses at the beginning, it’s just a motivation for you to be more persistent. Do not cross the line though.
  • Advertise yourself when you discuss the upcoming intimacy. A person needs to know you’re resilient and skilled enough to satisfy them. Add some points to your rate.
  • Name the place and time very clearly. Keep them in your mind in advance, and make sure this place or time period are safe and comfortable for the two of you.
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  • Gutierrez

    May 17, 2022 at 2:06 am

    While a casual relationship involves many choices, a committed relationship allows both parties to grow.

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