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How to pickup Kiev girls online

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Asking her out

How to date a Ukrainian girl in real

Can I hook up in Ukraine for free?

How not to be rejected by Kiev women?

Ukrainian girls are the most attractive and achievable females in Eastern Europe for western singles. They combine the hottest Mediterranean and Slavic features in their appearance and character.

Ukraine is the country where men are always missing. A big part of them moves abroad for work, others stay to drink and party. So, beautiful Ukrainian women are always in a search.

How to pickup Kiev girls online

There are dozens of popular Russian and Ukrainian dating sites, but the best pickup strategy is needed for succeeding there. Travel experts share their opinion and positive experiences online.


Women love with the eyes as well, not only with their ears. Make sure your main photo is attractive, which doesn’t mean you need to show up muscles and a handsome face. Kiev girls aren’t shallow.

Male beauty is something different in Ukrainian women’s eyes, it’s about his kind smile, confident glance, masculine facial features, since so many guys in Ukraine look feminized.

So, try to find a picture where you look this way, and your success among Kiev gals will be nearly guaranteed. The first impression affects the whole communication process and its outcome!

Your first words

All Ukrainian girls are equally beautiful and sexy, or nearly all. That’s why so many westerners use mass winks and automatic introductory messages instead of individual ones, and it’s understood.

But, reportedly, it upsets Kiev women who typically have a romantic and delicate nature, so they like to feel they’re special. If you can give them this feeling, it guarantees your easy victory at the highest.

If you add a girl’s name to the greeting message, make a personalized compliment other than “you have beautiful eyes” or “you look sexy”, ask about her day, her life, and her family, you will win.pickup Kiev girls online

Asking her out

The first date abroad is clearly harder to organize than a local night out with a girl. Ukrainian girls are spontaneous enough to welcome you even if you jump to the plane right now, what about you?

This quick and positive response is connected with their passionate genetic mix and partially Tatar, Bulgarian, Greek ancestry. This effect is especially seen in Odessa where so many mixed girls live.

If you’re determined, resourceful, creative, and use your imagination to the fullest, you’ll be met by Ukraine women with their arms spread wide. They are impatient to meet and get intimate!

How to date a Ukrainian girl in real

Once you arrived to Kiev, Odessa, or any other popular city in Ukraine, your adventure finally begins. Note that hot Ukrainian chicks require a different treatment than Russian or Belarusian ones.

As you already understood, they’re very enthusiastic and sex-driven. They have zero Nordic attitude typical for Russia and Belarus girls. You’ll need a lot of zest for life and energy to keep up.

In that regard, Ukraine hotties can be compared to Brazilian or Italian women. Very emotional and bouncy, they’re ready to kiss you all over, then maybe argue a bit, and then make love like crazy.

Ready for such a rhythm? Then prepare some sportive equipment to do sports together and hookup in between, your best clubbing outfits to party together and surely hookup there.

Unlike some western girls and many of Eastern European ones, Kiev beauties are never insulted by a direct sex offer if it has elements of creative and unique adventure in it. Take a chance and get pleasure!Kiev beauties

Can I hook up in Ukraine for free?

Since planning the trip is always so stressful and budget-spending, it’s totally normal to seek extra ways to save the money. And surely, hookuping for free in Kiev is as possible as elsewhere.

  • Get a passionate girl. Test her online before meeting in real, or observe her behavior at the nightclub. Once you made sure she is hot by nature, you’ll see she wants you for free.
  • Get her a few drinks. Ukrainian girls in general tend to stay sober, much more than Russian gals. But they nearly cannot resist champagne or wine, it makes them naughty.
  • Warm her up online. If you two used to have sexy chats, the ice between you will be already melted when you meet in real. Establish this exciting intimate connection.
  • Promise happy tomorrows. Ukraine women are idealistic, they hope to live happily ever after with their prince charming. If they see this perspective, they’ll be hotter with you.
  • Find a cougar in Kiev. There are lots of wealthy businesswomen in Kiev who want a good-looking western man. If you two match, there are no more financial worries.

These are the easiest ways to have casual sex in Ukraine at no cost, but if you have more ideas and fantasies, they can be fulfilled with Kiev girls too. Just be brave and keep on trying!HookUp Ukraine women

How not to be rejected by Kiev women?

If there are best strategies to pickup Ukraine girls, there are certainly some worst strategies as well. Remember these girls are romantic and rather traditional in their personal preferences.

  1. Do not wear messy or bulky kind of clothes, be neat, take care of your hairstyle and clean shoes. Yes, they do pay attention to these little details and consider them important.
  2. Do not talk much about other girls pretenders, do not admire others’ beauty in this girl’s presence. They’re healthily jealous and have a strong dignity, so it may spoil things.
  3. Do not forget important things she told you. It can be some essential fact about her family or professional achievements, her child’s Birthday date, or whatever, just don’t miss that.
  4. Do not be cheap. There’s no need to spend a fortune, but if you take her to the noisiest and dirtiest cafeteria just to save a few bucks, you’ll be most probably rejected in anger.
  5. If you’re an intense nudist, love deep kisses in public, movies for adults and other frank stuff, do not show this instantly. Ukrainian culture differs from western, so be cautious.

Other pieces of advice are the same as in any other country: do not disrespect women in general, her parents, her best friends, her ethnicity, her national habits. Be polite yet manly and confident.

If you fall for beautiful sexy women easily, do not demonstrate such a weakness easily. Ukraine women typically do not like very submissive or passive men who readily read their lips.

Have your opinion and your position regarding important issues such as politics, man – woman relationship, ecology, charity. Then intellectual and hot Kiev girls will adore you and give you allowance.

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